School Age Programs

Ages 4 – 12


For 4-Year-Olds

Preschool is an exciting time in your child’s development. Students are typically around 4-years-old when we introduce them to a curriculum that is more advanced and the environment feels more like the classroom. Your child will continue to build on the skills being taught in Early Preschool, such as letter recognition, letter sounds, and number concepts and it’s amazing to watch them become secure in these skills. We also introduce them to exciting new skills and concepts, such as tracking words left to right, writing their name, and even basic arithmetic, where they’ll be adding and subtracting numbers up to five. As your child’s attention span increases, you’ll notice teachers increasing the amount of time spent in circle time, story time, and small groups. Your child will be establishing independence and building the confidence they need to be successful at VPK and beyond.

VPK & Free VPK

For 5-year-olds

VPK is a wonderful transition and development year, and we offer both the free Voluntary Pre Kindergarten program (3 hours per day) as well as a full day VPK option. In VPK, your five-year-old will be developing sophisticated skills in all areas of development. You will notice more structure in the classroom in the forms of lessons and activities, but your child will still be learning through play. He or she will learn to solve social problems more easily and regulate his or her emotions. Language skills in the VPK classroom become more complex and your child will even learn to blend and take apart units of sound, enabling him or her to begin reading and writing! We introduce more advanced mathematical concepts, and help your child develop an understanding of science, technology, and social studies. In VPK, formal assessments are required and are administered three times a year.

Before and After School Care

For ages 5 – 11

In our before school care and after school care programs, we will help your child stay engaged with his or her academics, but also give him or her time to have fun. As children get older, we set aside specific time for them to work on homework, reading, or other quiet activities. Teachers provide extra help and assistance where needed. In conjunction with these programs, we offer pickup and drop off services to local elementary schools.

Enrichment Programs

For ages 2½  – 5

At one of our enrichment programs, your child will have fun, learn and develop skills beyond those focused on in the classroom. We are always trying to find new and exciting ways for our students to grow. Presently we offer two enrichment programs that complement our standard curriculum:

School Holidays & Break Programs

For ages 5 – 11

During school breaks, we’ll schedule a full day of fun an educational activities.  Teachers keep your child engaged with science experiments, arts and crafts, and activities that promote math and problem solving skills. We encourage families to preregister for these programs, but we also allow drop ins when extra space is available.

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